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What is Make Poverty History?

Make Poverty History is a campaign launched at the Gleneagles G8 Summit in 2005. The campaign became internationally known to billions through the Live 8 concerts and has support from world leaders among all spheres of society. The 4 Goals of Make Poverty History in Canada can be summed up in 14 words:

What makes Make Poverty History different?

Make Poverty History runs on the premise that humanity has the resources to end extreme poverty, but the will to do so is lacking. Make Poverty History focuses on building political will to instigate government action to end extreme poverty while maintaining that both resources and expertise are both required to help impoverished nations to build themselves out of extreme poverty.

The Difference

Make Poverty History is one of the only NGO's focusing on the political will to end extreme poverty. Most NGOs focus on getting resources to a place that is lacking them by asking for donations or volunteers. Some NGOs focus on giving information and expertise. The quantity and organization of the resources that are necessary to alleviate extreme poverty is practically unmanageable by individual organizations and sponsors working separately.

Instead, governments working together and placing a small amount of their resources toward this end will easily meet this end. In Canada and around the world, political leaders do not feel enough pressure from their citizens and other lobby groups to use their resources to benefit the world's poor.

Make Poverty History focuses on building awareness and taking action here at home rather than overseas development work. Make Poverty History believes that if impoverished countries were given the resources and expertise they need to develop, they have the capacity to build themselves out of poverty, leading to lasting, sustainable development.

The Millennium Development Goals

United Nations Millennium Goals | Millennium Villages on the Millennium Goals

Poverty is a very complex issue and what is left when you have no options. Education, health care, and disease, just to name a few are all issues that are intertwined with poverty. To deal with extreme poverty, we must also deal with all of these issues together as one holistic solution.

This is why the Millennium Development Goals are important.